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AutorenBruce, Tina; Louis, Stella; McCall, Georgie
TitelObserving young children.
QuelleLos Angeles: SAGE (2015), XVI, 154 S.    Verfügbarkeit 
BeigabenIllustrationen; Literaturangaben
Dokumenttypgedruckt; Monographie
ISBN9781446285800 (gebundene Ausgabe); 1446285804 (gebundene Ausgabe); 9781446285817 (Taschenbuch); 1446285812 (Taschenbuch)
SchlagwörterEarly childhood education; Case studies; Fallstudie; Observation (Educational method); Child development; Children; Observation; 77.55 child, pre-school child (psychology); 80.03 methods and techniques of pedagogics; Bildungstheorie; Bildungspraxis
AbstractWhy keep records? -- What works in observation and record-keeping? -- Working together -- From baby to toddler -- Using schemas as lens -- Working with children with autism -- Parents as partners -- Observing and planning in the foundation stage -- Observing and sharing practice. Observation in the early years is an essential part of working with young children and their families to help them get the most out of childhood. This practical and highly readable book shows you how to look with insight at how young children learn and gives you- the confidence to share and act on your observations. Real life case studies from a variety of settings including day care, nursery school, primary school, private sector and Soweto are used to examine different observation techniques, looking at their strengths, drawbacks and use in everyday practice. Examples from the UK and internationally illustrate the history and importance of observation in a range of contexts, while a glossary clearly explains the key terminology. Drawing on key theory and research, chapters cover: flexible planning; record keeping; working with parents; and using technology. This is essential reading for students on Early Childhood Education and Care courses, as well as practitioners and anyone training to work with young children.
Erfasst vonLibrary of Congress, Washington, DC
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