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AutorAzzarito, Laura
Titel'Look to the Bottom': Re-Writing the Body Curriculum through Storylines
QuelleIn: Sport, Education and Society, 24 (2019) 6, S.638-650 (13 Seiten)
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Dokumenttypgedruckt; online; Zeitschriftenaufsatz
SchlagwörterPhysical Education; Critical Theory; Race; Social Justice; Cultural Capital; Equal Education; Achievement Gap; Racial Attitudes; Racial Bias; Human Body; Minority Group Students; African American Students
AbstractSeveral critical scholars recently have debunked the media's proclamation that with Obama's presidency, the United States has entered a post-racial era, with the media thus fabricating an image of a 'race neutral' American society (McCarthy, C. (2013). The problem with origins. Race and the contrapuntal nature of the education experience. In H. A. Giroux & P. Shannon (Eds.), "Education and cultural studies" (pp. 104-153). New York, NY; Zirkel, S., & Johnson, T. (2016). Mirror, mirror on the wall: A critical examination of the conceptualization of the study of Black racial identity in education. "Educational Researcher," 45(5), 301-311). In this paper, first, I suggest that today's pedagogical conditions within schools built upon 'deficit thinking' (Yosso, T. J. (2005). Whose culture has capital? A critical race theory discussion of community cultural wealth. "Race Ethnicity and Education," 8(1), 69-91) need to be critically considered as a source of inequity. Second, I contend that the historical legacy of the academic gap and the current health gap work implicitly as a new form of neocolonialism embedded in the current neoliberal colorblind era that continues to mark ethnic-minoritized young people as 'deficient'. Black and ethnic-minoritized young people's attempts to reconcile discrepancies between their own culturally relevant sense of self and the normative 'white' identity become a problematic and difficult process. Third, against the backdrop of intersecting forms of oppression, I discuss how the pedagogical infrastructure of the "Body Curriculum" allows young people to re-write the body 'from below' (Spivak, G. C. (1993). "Outside in the teaching machine." New York, NY: Routledge) from the perspectives of the 'other' -- ethnic-minoritized young people, to destabilize the 'center' position and at the same time, create powerful counter-stories for social change. (As Provided).
AnmerkungenRoutledge. Available from: Taylor & Francis, Ltd. 530 Walnut Street Suite 850, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Tel: 800-354-1420; Tel: 215-625-8900; Fax: 215-207-0050; Web site:
Erfasst vonERIC (Education Resources Information Center), Washington, DC
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