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Sonst. PersonenMcIntyre, John (Hrsg.); Barrett, Mary (Hrsg.)
InstitutionAustralian Vocational Education and Training Research Association, Alexandria.
TitelVET [Vocational Education and Training] Research: Influencing Policy & Practice. Proceedings of the National Conference of the Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association (AVETRA) (1st, Sydney, Australia, February 16-17, 1998).
Quelle(1998), (366 Seiten)
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Dokumenttypgedruckt; online; Monographie
SchlagwörterTagungsbericht; Access to Education; Adult Education; Community Study; Competency Based Education; Delivery Systems; Demography; Disadvantaged; Educational Demand; Educational Development; Educational Research; Employee Attitudes; Employer Attitudes; Females; Foreign Countries; Industry; Inplant Programs; Internet; Job Training; Literacy Education; Models; Needs Assessment; Networks; Nonmetropolitan Areas; Organizational Change; Partnerships in Education; Police Education; Policy Formation; Postsecondary Education; Productivity; Professional Development; Program Implementation; Public Policy; Research and Development; Research Utilization; School Business Relationship; Small Businesses; Student Attitudes; Student Evaluation; Sustainable Development; Theory Practice Relationship; Transfer of Training; Vocational Education; Womens Education; Workplace Literacy; Australia
AbstractThese proceedings consist of 46 papers on the influence of vocational education and training (VET) research on policy and practice. These papers are grouped into these categories: impact of research; equity in participation; partnerships and stakeholders; practice and practitioners; research and policy; learning, work, and organizations; and VET, markets, and the economy. They are "Editorial Introduction: Emerging Interests in VET Research" (McIntyre, Barrett); "Opening Address: Importance of VET Research Influencing Policy and Practice" (Ellison); "Presidential Address" (Maglen); "Overview of Australian VET Research" (Robinson); "Impact of Research on VET Policy, Practice, and Performance" (Smith, Smith); "Use and Influence of Research in VET" (McDonald); "Forging a Convergence Amongst Imperatives for VET" (Stevenson); "Conference Dinner Address: VET Where to from Here?" (Ramsey); "Drowning, Not Waving" (Volkoff, Golding); "Demographic Factors Influencing the Likelihood of Success in VET" (Ball); "Women Training for Transitions" (Barrett); "What's Different Away from the Rat Race?" (Kilpatrick, Bell); "Teaching and Learning Needs" (Crump, Anderson); "VET Research Through Partnerships with Stakeholders" (Henry, Arnott); "Employers' Perceptions of How Well the VET System Serves the Training Needs of Their Industry" (Werner); "Industry and Academia" (Weaver); "Evaluating the Contribution of Competency-Based Training" (Mulcahy, James); "Entereprise-Based Research and Organizational Development in VET Providers" (Seddon); "Unravelling Independent Provision for Occupational Learning in the Hunter Region 1900-90" (Barker, Holbrook); "Mapping Teachers' Work, Charting New Futures" (Kell et al.); "Professional Development in VET" (Simons, Harris); "Learning to Change, Changing to Learn" (Smith et al.); "Issues and Challenges in Consortia-Based Delivery of Professional Development for VET in Schools" (Ward et al.); "Reviewing the Competency Standards for Assessment and Workplace Trainers" (Gillis et al.); "Analysis of Training Needs" (Harris, Wyatt); "Internet-Based Training" (Webb); "Getting the Message Out" (Guthrie); "What Do We Mean 'Research Influences Policy'?" (McIntyre); "Convergence of Vocational and Adult Education in Learning Communities" (Falk); "Failure in Imagination" (Childs, Wagner); "From the Billabong to the Mainstream?" (Kell);"Policy Issues Related to Flexible Modes of Delivery of VET" (Cummings); "Informing Policy and Practice at the Micro Level" (Clayton, House); "VET Policy and Research" (Billett); "Learning, Workplaces, and Public Policy" (Hawke); "Recognition of Informal Learning" (Hager); "Workplace Based Training in Small Business Enterprises" (Robertson); "Do Skills Transfer?" (Misko); "Emerging Truths in Public Sector Training" (Sheehan); "What About the Workers?" (Foley); "Organizational Models for Change Implementation" (Harper); "Workplace Based Learning Degrees" (Garrick, Kirkpatrick); "User Choice in Markets at Risk" (Noble et al.); "VET Policy and Sustainability" (Mulqueeny); "VET and Productivity" (Maglen, Hopkins); and "Impact and Consequences of Markets in VET" (Andersen). (YLB)
AnmerkungenAustralian Vocational Education and Training Research Association, Locked Bag 70, Alexandria NSW 1435; Web site: ($19.95 Australian, members; $39.95 Australian, non-members).
Erfasst vonERIC (Education Resources Information Center), Washington, DC
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