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Autor/inn/enHarvey, Stephan; Rempfler, Armin
TitelLearn - e-learning lessons about avalanches.
QuelleAus: ISSW proceedings. International snow science workshop proceedings 2016. ISSW (2016) S. 298-303
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BeigabenAbbildungen; Literaturangaben
Dokumenttypgedruckt; online; Sammelwerksbeitrag
SchlagwörterE-Learning; Fernunterricht; Lawine; Lawinengefahr; Geographie; Didaktik; Geographieunterricht; Internetgestützter Unterricht; Internetportal; Modulsystem; Mehrsprachigkeit; Praxisnahes Lernen; Risikomanagement; Konferenzschrift;
AbstractLearning by doing " is an obvious credo for every educator. In avalanche terrain, we do this most of the time. However, learning about avalanches also requires some theoretical background as well as guidance on how to apply various tools in practice. To improve avalanche education, [the authors] therefore developed e-learning lessons, which motivate users to learn about avalanches by giving instant feedback. The web-based platform White Risk ( was therefore extended with a forth module called LEARN, offering e-learning lessons of specific well-defined topics. Users are guided through a lesson, focussing on clearly defined learning objectives. The lessons cover topics about avalanche types, avalanche danger degree, slope incline, graphical reduction method, trip planning and risk reduction. Each lesson begins with an exercise to engage the users in the topic at hand. In the second part, called " Info ", the essential knowledge on the topic is provided. The user can then apply the acquired knowledge in a variety of exercises, until the skills learned are consolidated. Immediate feedback is given to show which answers were correct or incorrect. Finally, users can run through a ’final’ test and receive an evaluation. These lessons do not replace avalanche education in the field. However, they are useful e.g. as preparation for an avalanche course, so that participants bring some basic knowledge to the course and instructors can build upon. The lessons are available in German, French, Italian and English. (Orig.).
Erfasst vonExterner Selbsteintrag
UpdateNeueintrag 2022-04
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