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Sonst. PersonenAttar, Karina F. (Hrsg.); Shutters, Lynn (Hrsg.)
TitelTeaching medieval and early modern cross-cultural encounters.
1. ed.
QuelleNew York, NY u.a.: Palgrave Macmillan (2014), XXIV, 253 S.    Verfügbarkeit 
ReiheThe new Middle Ages
BeigabenIllustrationen; Literaturangaben S. [229]-240
Dokumenttypgedruckt; Monographie
SchlagwörterKulturkontakt; Geschichtsunterricht; Mittelalter; Neuzeit; Aufsatzsammlung
Abstract"This volume of essays explores the challenges and rewards of teaching medieval and early modern cross-cultural encounters in undergraduate and graduate classrooms. Medievalists and early modernists have increasingly focused their research on cross-cultural encounters, profoundly transforming stale, inaccurate portrayals of these eras as culturally homogeneous and European. These twelve essays bring this research to bear on our pedagogical practices. Contributors describe their selection and use of historical, literary, and artistic content in teaching cross-cultural encounters, and provide strategies for overcoming the practical and conceptual challenges this material presents. Collectively traversing disciplinary, periodic, geographic, and linguistic boundaries, essays address topics ranging from the intersections of race, religion, gender, and nation in cross-cultural encounters to the use of popular culture and new media as pedagogical tools. Crucially, contributors reflect on how medieval and early modern cross-cultural encounters travel through time, accrue new meanings, and continue to shape our actions and thoughts today"--. Content: Introduction / Lynn Shutters and Karina F. Attar -- PART I: SYNCHRONIC CROSS-CULTURAL ENCOUNTERS -- 1. Andalusian Iberias. From Spanish to Iberian Literature / Seth Kimmel -- 2. Using Feminist Pedagogy to Explore Connectivity in the Medieval Mediterranean / Megan Moore -- 3. A Journey through the Silk Road in a Cosmopolitan Classroom / Kyunghee Pyun -- 4. Teaching English Travel Writing from 1500 to the Present / Elizabeth Pentland -- 5. Stranger than Fiction. Early Modern Travel Narratives and the Anti-Racist Classroom / Julia Schleck -- 6. Different Shakespeares. A Course on Engendering Global Consciousness in Early Modern England / Barbara Sebek -- PART II: SYNCHRONIC AND DIACHRONIC CROSS-CULTURAL ENCOUNTERS -- 7. The Moor of America. Approaching the Crisis of Race and Religion in the Renaissance and the Twenty-First Century / Ambereen Dadabhoy -- 8. "Real" Bodies? Race, Corporality, and Contradiction in The Arabian Nights and Pier Paolo Pasolini's Il fiore delle mille e una notte (1974) / Andrea Mirabile and Lynn Ramey -- 9. Encountering Saracens in Italian Chivalric Epic and Folk Performance Traditions / Jo Ann Cavallo -- 10. Beowulf as Hero of Empire / Janice Hawes -- PART III: DIACHRONIC CROSS-CULTURAL ENCOUNTERS -- 11. Resurrecting Callimachus. Pop Music, Puppets, and the Necessity of Performance in Teaching Medieval Drama / Jenna Soleo-Shanks -- 12. Teaching Chaucer through Convergence Culture. The New Media Middle Ages as Cross-Cultural Encounter / Tison Pugh.
Erfasst vonMax-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung, Berlin
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