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The engaged university. Linking the global and the local

17.10.2019, 09:15 Uhr - 18.10.2019, 13:00 Uhr

Rikli Balance Hotel
Slovenia Cankarjeva cesta 4
4260 Bled, Slovenia
36 Link

The 2019 ACA-CMEPIUS conference is dedicated to the ‘engaged university’ and to linking the global and the local. What does this mean concretely?
The ‘core business’ of ACA and of CMEPIUS is internationalisation of higher education. Internationalisation is also one of the issues this event will deal with. But it will not be the main theme and it will be a theme only insofar as international activities impact on the – local – university. Much more than on internationalisation, the conference will be about the engagement of higher education institutions with their local and regional ‘habitat’. This habitat consists of many actors: civil society at large, municipalities, companies, NGOs, and many more. The ‘engaged university’ is thus about the classical tasks of the university, i.e. teaching/learning and research. But more so still, it is about what some call the ‘third mission’ of higher education: outreach and service to and collaboration with non-academic actors. We intend to provide participants with the possibility to share ideas on and discuss how these dimensions can be enhanced by means of European and international project cooperation.


Slowenien, Ethik, Hochschulbildung, Inklusion, Integration, Internationalisierung, Soziale Verantwortung, Universität, Diversität, Engaged University,

Art der Veranstaltung Konferenz / Tagung / Fachtagung / Kolloquium / Kongress / Symposium
Inhaltsbereich der Veranstaltung Hochschule; Wissenschaft/Bildungsforschung; Bildungspolitik/Bildungsverwaltung
Adressaten Hochschullehrer/innen / Forscher/-innen
Tagungssprache Englisch
Relevanz weltweit
Veranstalter Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) in partnership with the Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programmes (CMEPIUS)
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