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AutorenRiedmann, Agnes; White, Lynn
TitelAdult Sibling Relationships: Racial and Ethnic Comparisons.
QuelleIn: Advances in Applied Developmental Psychology, 10 (1996), S.105-126 (27 Seiten)    Verfügbarkeit 
Dokumenttypgedruckt; Zeitschriftenaufsatz
SchlagwörterAdults; Asian Americans; Blacks; Context Effect; Cultural Influences; Ethnic Groups; Ethnology; Family Environment; Family Size; Hispanic Americans; Minority Group Influences; Racial Differences; Racial Factors; Sibling Relationship; Siblings; Whites
AbstractScholars have argued that siblings are ideally suited to provide social support, but there is little research concerning the level of social support provided by siblings, or whether this form of extended-family support is more or less available in minority families. This study examined racial and ethnic differences in sibling relationships for what they can reveal about the strength of the laterally extended family. It reviewed theory and research on the extended family among majority and minority populations, and then used a large national data set to compare an aspect of the extended family--adult sibling relationships--among African-, Hispanic-, Asian-, and non-Hispanic white Americans. Sibling relationships were assessed on four dimensions: coresidence, contact, actual exchange, and potential support. Results provided no consistent evidence that one race/ethnic group has stronger sibling ties than any other. Rather, there seemed to be significant differences across groups in the form that sibling solidarity takes. The strength of the Hispanic- and African American sibship was a greater willingness to take siblings into their home. Asian Americans were distinguished by a greater willingness to call on siblings despite distance, and non-Hispanic whites were distinguished by relatively high levels of actual exchange of social support. (Contains 25 references.) (SD)
Erfasst vonERIC (Education Resources Information Center), Washington, DC
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