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Sonst. Personen: Bilham, Tim (Hrsg.)
Titel: For the love of learning.
Innovations from outstanding university teachers.
Quelle: Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan (2013), XX, 292 S.     Pfeil auf den Link... Verfügbarkeit 
Reihe: Palgrave teaching & learning Palgrave teaching and learning
Beigaben: Illustrationen; Literaturangaben
Sprache: englisch
Dokumenttyp: gedruckt;; Monographie
ISBN: 9781137334299 (Taschenbuch); 1137334290 (Taschenbuch)
Schlagwörter: College; Hochschule; Fachhochschule; Unterricht; Hochschulbildung; Hochschulsystem; Hochschulwesen
Abstract: The liquidity of knowledge : learning across disciplinary divides / Heather Barnett -- Mixed cultures : microbiology, art and literature / Joanna Verran -- Blending approaches to teaching in art and design : case studies from glass and ceramics / Kevin Petrie -- New learning ecosystems : blurring boundaries, changing minds / Helen Keegan -- Learning to love learning / Peter Ovens -- Crossing the boundaries of academic writing / James Elander and Lin Norton -- Beyond competence : enabling and inspiring healthcare students / Faith Hill -- "Disability matters" : the role of personal tutors for inclusive teaching and learning / Suanne Gibson -- Designs on learning : the role of cross-university collaborative undergraduate research symposia / Kirsten Hardie in association with Annie Grove-White -- Innovative approaches to learning design : harnessing new technologies for learning / Gráinne Conole -- Scaffolding problem-based learning / Derek Raine -- Developing subject-specific knowledge, digital creativity and soft skills : a games-based approach to teaching and learning / Rachel McCrindle -- Teaching with assessment, feedback and feed-forward : using "preflights" to assist student achievement / Brian Whalley -- Ongoing challenges in cross-disciplinary teaching : a case study from statistics / Paul Hewson -- De-mystifying statistics : bring your imprimatur ... to the laughter / Andy Field -- Performing critical thinking? / Stella Jones-Devitt -- Best practice in assessment and feedback : neglected issues / Peter Hartley -- Assessment strategies for developmental and experiential learning : successes and challenges / Anita Peleg -- Developing and assessing professional competence : using technology in learning design / Luke Dawson in association with Ben Mason --.; Building curriculum internationalisation from the bottom up / David Killick -- New horizons and old challenges for distance learning : bridging the access gap in African universities / Basiro Davey -- Kinds of international : internationalisation through engagement with one another / Jane Spiro -- Doing, being and becoming : an occupational perspective on enabling learning / Rayya Ghul -- Learning together through student-lecturer collaborative enquiry / Will Curtis -- Creating space for student autonomy and engagement through partnership and letting go / Colin Bryson -- The student-professional / Laura Ritchie -- Wanted! Agents of change : enabling students to make change happen in their professional world / Duncan Reavey -- Authentic partnerships : inspiring professional identity and ownership in students / Ruth Matheson -- Learning from the real / Mary Hartog and Philip Frame in association with Chris Rigby and Doirean Wilson -- Looking at the mirror in the suitcase : encouraging students to reflect on their professional learning journey / Anna Lise Gordon -- SOARing to success : employability development from the inside-out / Arti Kumar -- Telling tales : the use of story to enhance employability / Beverly Leeds -- Authentic assessment and employability : a synergy? / Jane Thomas -- Getting ready for action : student engagement in an employability project / Jamie Thompson in association with Laura Bullerwell, Catherine Foster, Russell Jackson and Nichola Larkin (students) -- English language learning for international employability / Angela Goddard in association with Alastair Henry -- Engaging with and owning the enterprise agenda / Pauline Kneale.
Erfasst von: Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Update: 2016/1/01
Verfügbarkeit: Literaturbeschaffung und Bestandsnachweise in Bibliotheken

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