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Autoren: Gregorutti, Gustavo; Delgado, Jorge Enrique
Titel: International and development education.
Research and innovation in the knowledge economy.
Quelle: New York: Palgrave Macmillan (2015)     Pfeil auf den Link... Verfügbarkeit 
Reihe: International and development education
Beigaben: Literaturangaben
Sprache: englisch
Dokumenttyp: gedruckt; Monographie
ISBN: 9781137479372 (gebundene Ausgabe)
Schlagwörter: Privathochschule; Privatschule; Lateinamerika; Hochschulbildung; Hochschulsystem; Hochschulwesen; Forschung; Multikulturelle Erziehung; Reform; Bildung; Erziehung; Politik; Bildungsforschung; Pädagogische Forschung; Vergleichende Erziehungswissenschaft
Abstract: -- 1. Introduction; Jorge Enrique Delgado and Gustavo GregoruttiPART I: REGULATORY ENVIRONMENT IMPACTING RESEARCH PRODUCTIVITY IN LATIN AMERICA2. Research as a new Challenge for the Latin America Private University; Claudio Rama and Gustavo Gregorutti3. Latin American Private Universities in the Context of Competition and Research Productivity; Jorge Enrique Delgado4. Quality Assurance and Public Policy Research Funding: Their Impact on Private Universities in Argentina; Ana García de Fanelli and Ángela Corengia5. Institutional Frameworks and Scientific Productivity in Chile and Colombia 1950-2012; Pedro PinedaPART II: SUCCESSFUL CASES OF RESEARCH PRODUCTIVITY AT PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES6.A Research and Innovation Ecosystem Model for Private Universities: The Monterrey Institute of Technology Experience; Francisco J. Cantú-Ortiz7. The Emergence of the Puebla State Popular Autonomous University as a Successful Mexican Research University; Stephen P. Wanger and Édgar Apanecatl-Ibarra8. Central American Outliers: Leveraging International Cooperation for Research Productivity; Nanette Svenson9. Research and Knowledge Production in the Private Sector: the Brazilian Experience; Elizabeth Balbachevsky and Antonio Jose; Botelho10. Contributions from a Private University in Peru: The Case of the Cayetano Heredia Peruvian University; Jose; Anicama and Jose; Livia11. Research and Incentives: The Case of Two Private Universities in Argentina; Marcelo Rabossi12. Private University Strategies to Promote Knowledge Production: Development of a Graduate Program in Biotechnology in Uruguay; Enrique Marti;nez Larrechea and Adriana Chiancone13. Conclusion; Gustavo Gregorutti and Jorge Enrique Delgado.. "Private Universities in Latin America discusses how private universities have become and can be more proactive in supporting research, and the implications of this for future institutional and national development. After providing a historical overview of how Latin American private universities have evolved to become successful research producers, Gregorutti and Delgado analyze specific institutional reforms carried out to overcome cultural resistance to change and implementation of policies related to teaching load, productivity requirements, patent generation, technology transfer, and funding mechanisms that support and stimulate faculty research activities. "--Provided by publisher.; "Using policy analysis and case study approaches, Private Universities in Latin America examines the significant amounts of research and innovation being made available from private universities in Latin America"--Provided by publisher.
Erfasst von: Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Update: 2015/1/02
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