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Autor: Bubb, Sara
Titel: Successful induction for new teachers.
A guide for NQTs and induction tutors, coordinators and mentors. 2nd ed.
Quelle: Los Angeles: SAGE (2014), XIII, 100 S.     Pfeil auf den Link... Verfügbarkeit 
Beigaben: Illustrationen; Literaturangaben
Sprache: englisch
Dokumenttyp: gedruckt; visuelles Material; Monographie
ISBN: 9781446293973 (gebundene Ausgabe); 1446293971 (gebundene Ausgabe); 144629398X (Taschenbuch); 9781446293980 (Taschenbuch)
Abstract: 1. Looking after yourself -- Stages you might go through -- Looking after yourself -- Your voice -- Managing your time -- Staying strong -- Coping with difficult people -- Keeping happy -- 2. Understanding induction -- What is induction? -- Induction in England -- What are NQTs entitled to? -- What happens if you fail induction? -- Who should do induction? -- Where can you undergo induction? -- Models of completing induction -- Roles and responsibilities -- Quality assurance of induction -- 3. The standards -- History of Standards for NQTs -- The Teachers' Standards -- Issues -- 4. Key concepts to help development -- What is professional development? -- Learning styles -- Experiential learning -- The professional development cycle -- Keeping a professional portfolio -- 5. Analysing needs, setting objectives and drawing up action plans -- Analysing needs -- Setting an objective -- Drawing up an action plan -- When a new teacher is struggling.6. Professional development -- The range of professional development activities -- Coaching and mentoring -- Observation -- Video -- Learning conversations -- Courses and conferences -- 7. Observation -- The benefits of observation -- The rules -- Be aware of issues -- Bad practice -- Good practice in setting up an observation -- During the observation -- After the lesson -- 8. Discussing teaching -- verbally and in writing -- General principles -- How to approach a discussion -- Framework for a post-lesson observation discussion -- Written feedback -- 9. Assessment -- Reviewing progress at half-terms -- End of term assessment -- Writing against the standards -- The new teacher's comment -- The final assessment report -- 10. What next? -- Reviewing your induction year -- Pay -- Contracts -- Performance management.. The NQT year. Everyone has to do it, but no one finds it easy. There are standards to be met and assessments to be done and all this for the very first time. This great resource, now in its second edition will help NQTs meet the expectations of this challenging year and addresses concerns and questions you will have along the way. It also works as a great reference guide for tutors in order to support NQTs in your own school by offering advice and focusing on all the recent changes in teacher training. This new edition offers guidance on: The 2012 teaching standards and even decodes some of the more vague ones ; What exactly Quality Assuring Induction is ; How to producing outstandingportfolios of evidence. With advice on building relationships, managing workload and emotional resilience it will not only help you pass your NQT year, it will help you to become a happy and effective teacher.
Erfasst von: Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Update: 2015/4/11
Verfügbarkeit: Literaturbeschaffung und Bestandsnachweise in Bibliotheken

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